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Text to speech

Designed for latest versions of Windows 10 operating system.First Metrology software to use Text to speech Windows technology to guarantee the highest level of User-Software interaction.


Single page software

New and fresh design of User interface that is simple, smart, and interactive with large size titled icons which make suited for both Click and touch technology without compromise)


    Click the icon to run the program

Unlimited pages can be accessed by programming an icon as the entry point to next level. Once the workpiece program is developed, any person who does not have any coordinates and software knowledge can run the program simply.



Powerful CAD Function

VDMIS® is built with the latest generation solid modeling engine which displays the CAD model in a true solids format providing the ultimate in accuracy and enabling surface nominal data and corresponding vectors to be selected directly from the part model.


VDMIS® intelligently calculate

Create the probe path to avoid any collision and guarantee collision-free inspection path.

VDMIS use standard DMIS language created by ANSI to create part program.



Multimedia help

Voice &Video available for every function with just right mouse click.

These tools allow any user with no training to start aligning the part quickly, measure geometric features and generate inspection report.

Support I++ protocol and

Can Support famous brands controller like RENISHAW, PANTEC, DEVA...



All kinds of special software

Like blade,gear, cam,spc,ccd,laser and so on.

Support all kinds of probe technology of RENISHAW

Like REVO,PH20SP80SP25.....








VDMIS live report include numerical Report,graphafic report,MX-Excel report and so on.

Free report viewer. Full SPC package built inside VDMIS® Live Report;