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◆ Complete geometry measurement

[2D] point, line, circle, arc, curve, slot, plane, rectangle and ellipse

[3D] plane, sphere, cone, cylinder, ring and surface


◆ Complete graphic constructing function


Rational Vue can complete array, middle, symmetry, mirror, bestfit, intersection, tangent, extreme and others

◆ Automatic program

CCD, probe, coordinate system, auto-focus, magnification, brightness adjustment, CAD nominal feature identification, automatic comparison measuring, feature constructing, tolerance calculation, export, all above can add into the same program simultaneously and run automatically.

◆ Complete compensation algorithm of machine

1. Supports 21 error compensations, including linear, straightness, angle pendulum, perpendicularity etc.

2. Supports Z-axis rotation compensation, perpendicularity compensation (with parallel bottleneck), probe compensation (with probe) lens XY scale correction.

3. Supports OEM compensation encryption.

4. Supports multi-layer compensation and maximize enhance machine accurate.

5. The internal glass linear scale and plane & array compensation plate auto-program can assist users to get compensation data quickly that to greatly improve compensation efficiency of machine and reduce user’s personnel error & time cost.

◆Probe&CCD Integrated measurement

Except general feature detection, RationalVue also supports measure curve, scan curve, output TXT point set, ellipse, slot (circle & square), quick create curve pole, focus point, focus plane

*Real CAD 3D space view

*CAD feature automatic identification

*CCD combined with probe coordinate system, measured feature unified automatic

*CCD and probe program can alternate into the same program from beginning to end